Hybrid Halter “LITE”

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This is the economy nylon version of HYBRID Halter® line. It features halter nose knots only

If you're interested in even more control and better construction, look at the Classic Nylon Halter.

The patented HYBRID Halter® combines the effectiveness of a rope horse halter with the safety of a webbing horse halter, making it the perfect solution for any horse owner. Nylon halter with rolled nylon throat and chin, finished with a rope nose with noseband pressure knots. Universal design will not torque the horse’s sensitive head and poll region or twist into the animal’s eyes. Lunging and groundwork are made easier with a sliding ring under the chin that allows the snap of your rope to slide a full 180 degrees so there’s no need to change sides of the halter when changing direction of travel. The HYBRID Halter’s unique design has decreased surface area, making it harder for horse to push, pull or drag handler around. Suitable for cross tying, travelling, groundwork training, and everyday use.


  • Knotted Control Noseband 
  • Brass Plated Hardware
  • Superior Training Result to either rope or nylon web halter
  • Throat snap for easy on-off

Differences Between the "Lite" Style and Classic HYBRID Horse Halter:

  • The "Lite" style is built for a season or two of use. The Classic is built to last for 5+ years.
  • "Lite" has Brass Plated Hardware (Classic has solid brass hardware throughout)
  • Undercarriage of halter is made of rolled webbing (Classic features yachting rope for best control)