Hybrid Leather Halter

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A leather halter like none other! Real control, a built-in lungeing caveson, breakaway functionality and rich leather in one halter.

Triple stitched leather. Smoothed and darkened edges and the versatility of double buckle poll adjustment. Will breakaway at poll in case of severe pullback. Solid brass hardware. UV coated rope for longevity. Choose from oil dipped mahogany leather halter with sand rope or black bridle leather halter with black rope. Yearling, Small, Average, Large and Draft.

The patented HYBRID Halter® is a direct combination of the traditional flat halter and the natural horseman's rope halter, with the addition of a signature 180° sliding ring and noseband knots to allow for the precise application of pressure and leverage - resulting in unbeatable lightness in the halter without the use of a stud chain. It eliminates head torquing, poll injury, knot hassles and stripped buckle holes while being safe for travelling, crosstying and even riding if you so desire.